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The documentary which aired on April 30, 2017, has been deleted for editorial reasons.

CORRECTION - May 1, 2017

The documentary we aired on our program of April 30, 2017, told the story of Bev Dwyer, a Toronto woman who served 20 months in prison for fraud. Now out of jail, she says she wants to open a thrift store to help other female ex-prisoners re-integrate into society.

Since that broadcast, some errors and inaccuracies were brought to our attention.

Ms. Dwyer told us that the fraud conviction for which she was sent to jail was her first run-in with the law. It was not, as court documents make clear.

Ms. Dwyer also told us that although she took responsibility for the fraud for which she was convicted, it happened because she had "turned a blind eye".

The sentencing judge found otherwise, stating "the offences took planning and sustained deceit over a period of time."

As a result of these facts, we have removed the audio of the documentary from our website and podcast.

The Sunday Edition regrets the error.