The Spark Guide to Transportation

How the way we get around is changing.

The Spark Guide to Life, Episode One

The Spark Guide To Life, Episode One: Transportation (Adam Killick)

How Uber makes traffic worse

Last summer, New York City capped the number of Uber and Lyft drivers allowed on city streets. In the U.K., London, is considering doing the same. It's an attempt to manage congestion. But wasn't ride-sharing supposed to reduce congestion? Transportation planning expert Bruce Schaller explains how it has actually made things worse.

The evolution of airport design

They might be bright and modernist, or dark and brutalist. But one problem all airport designers have to deal with is the sheer distance people have to get through between the check-in counter and the departure gate. Aviation and design historian Janet Bednarek explains the challenges that still exist in designing the modern airport.

Are we driving cars or are cars driving us? 

With everything from car subscriptions to scooter sharing, we're still stuck in traffic. Gabe Klein is the former transportation commissioner for Chicago and Washington D.C. He believes our relationship with the car has to change — and that technology may be the driving force to change it.