The Spark Guide To Human-AI Interaction

How we interact with virtual assistants, the rise of digisexuality, and Booker-Prize-winning author Ian McEwan on his new book, Machines Like Me.

The Spark Guide To Life, Episode Ten

Are we ready for a personal relationship with a robot? (Adam Killick)

Our virtual assistants aren't ready to give advice

Do you talk to your smart speaker? Heather Suzanne Woods is an assistant professor of rhetoric and technology at Kansas State University. She's studied how humans use language to make sense of technological change and why people seem to have a relationship with their devices.

'Digisexuals' and the rise of human-android romance

A look at how more and more people are identifying as "digisexuals," a new term describing those whose primary sexual identity comes through the use of technology.

Ian McEwan on his new book, Machines Like Me

In his latest novel, Machines Like Me, Ian McEwan tackles AI, a love triangle, and our all-too-human messy morals. Set in an alternative UK in the 1980s, where real life computer pioneer Alan Turing is still alive, and has led a technical revolution bringing hyper-realistic robots to daily life, the novel raises questions of what it means to be human.