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A surgeon develops a drone to deliver organs for transplant. If an AI trader makes a mistake, who is responsible? How 5G networks could mess up meteorology. Is Yelp creating a surveillance state for restaurant workers?

Drone organ delivery, AI investor liability, 5G networks and weather forecasting, does Yelp help?

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World's first donor organ delivered by drone

Dr. Joseph R. Scalea and his team of medical experts created a custom-made drone to help speed up the time-sensitive delivery of donor organs. Last month, Dr. Scalea performed the first transplant of a kidney delivered by drone.

If an AI does the crime, who does the time?

A supercomputer making stock predictions sounds great — until the trades based on those predictions lost more that $20 million for one Hong Kong investor. And that's led to a huge lawsuit. Lisa Lifshitz is a Canadian lawyer who specializes in technology law. She walks us through some of the legal challenges an AI-based case like this brings up from a Canadian legal perspective.

5G networks could mess up weather forecasting

How much is the awesome speed of 5G cellular network worth to you? Would you, for example, be willing to sacrifice the accuracy of weather forecasting? That may seem like an odd price to pay, but meteorologists in the U.S. are warning that the frequencies being allocated for 5G will interfere with weather satellites. Research meteorologist Jordan Gerth explains why.

How online reviews unwittingly turn customers into managers
If a customer is always right then online reviews might seem like a great way to empower consumers. But according to a new book by Joshua Sperber, those reviewers may unintentionally be putting restaurant workers under surveillance and putting their jobs at risk.


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