Spark 438

Robo umpires, a new AI-designed sport, spy plane archeology, and the internet gets a health check-up.
Swing battah battah! (Adam Killick)
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MLB umpires make enough incorrect calls to warrant tech help, says researcher

After studying four million MLB game pitches, Boston University professor Mark T. Williams calls for the league to employ human-software collaboration so umpires can do a better job.

Forget about baseball, game of speedgate anyone?

What do you get when you invent a new sport using AI? Speedgate, a team sport with the AI-created motto: "Face the ball, to be the ball, to be above the ball." Whitney Jenkins and Kathryn Webb from the design firm AKQA describe how AI helped them create a whole new sport — and what it's like to actually play it.

Spy plane archeology

In the cold war, American U-2 spy planes captured thousands of images for use in military intelligence. Landscape archeologist Emily Hammer is using some of those now-declassified images to study how land use has changed in Iraq.

Latest Internet Health Report is not glowing

Mozilla, has released an Internet Health Report. We talk to executive director Mark Surman to find out whether the web is doing better than last year. Spoiler alert: it's not.


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