Spark 429

Designing a safer YouTube, self-harm on social media, an embroidered computer and how to embrace your 'inner elder' at work.
(Michelle Parise)
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Redesigning YouTube to make it safer

There is something rotten in the state of YouTube. From the so-called Momo Challenge to secret, illegal content exchanged in comments, Google's video channel is facing huge challenges in moderating its content. So if we could redesign it, how could it be safer? New Media professor Jamie Cohen offers his ideas.

Self-harm and social media

Earlier this year, Facebook and Instagram announced they would remove or censor images of self-injury or self-harm. But some, including Stephen Lewis, an associate professor of psychology the University of Guelph and the current president of the International Society of the Study of Self-injury, say that could harm those recovering and wanting to share their experiences.

How to make your own computer: embroider it, of course!

Irene Posch is an artist who uses textiles to explore electronics. She and Ebru Kurbak recently designed an embroidery 8 bit computer, using historic patterns of gold embroidery and beads.

Modern Elder Academy: a resort for elderly workers in tech

Chip Conley started a luxury retreat centre in Mexico where participants can share their experiences dealing with ageism in tech – a sector notorious for its celebration of youth.


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