Quiz: Can you guess which iconic films have the biggest influence?

Film rankings are generally either based on critical acclaim or box-office receipts. A recent study chose to measure movies by something a bit less tangible: their influence on other films.
(Credits top left to bottom right: 20th Century Fox; Paramount Pictures; Paramount Pictures; Warner Bros. Pictures; Miramax Films; Loews Incorporated; Universal Pictures; 20th Century Fox; 20th Century Fox; Orion Pictures)

A film may break box-office records or be nominated for an Oscar, but is that an indication of how influential it'll be? Livio Bioglio, a post-doctoral computer science researcher, says no.

To compare films in a more meaningful way, Bioglio developed an algorithm that measured how frequently a film is referenced in others.

The top rankers might surprise you. Think not? Take the test to find out. ​


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