On next week's episode: For better or worse, how police use tech

A preview of next week's special episode on technology in law enforcement.
A black camera is clipped to a police uniform. (AP Photo/Detroit Free Press, Jessica J. Trevino)

Next week on Spark we're going to devote an entire episode to some of the technologies used by law enforcement. Some of the benefits of these tools and how they can improve police work, and also some of their limitations and the issues they raise.  

For example some of the vulnerabilities of our hyperconnected world can also apply to technologies used by the police, such as body cams. 

Josh Mitchell is a consultant with the security firm, Nuix. He tested five body cameras from five different companies and found that all of those cameras were vulnerable to hacking. Some of those vulnerabilities could allow a hacker to do location tracking, spread malware, download footage, and modify and re-upload that footage remotely.