Introducing: From Bartering to Bitcoin

The Future of Money in a Digital World
Spark's new series about the future of money in a digital world.

We're back! Well, almost anyway.

On September 11th we will be starting our 10th season of Spark. To mark that milestone we're going to be doing something a bit different on the show. Over the years, we've noticed some pretty big changes in a very old technology. Something that just about all of us use every day. It's how we get our morning coffee. It's a big reason we go to work.

It's money.

Since Spark started, we've seen the dominance of online banking, the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and the birth of digital payment systems like Venmo and Apple Pay. Many of us have replaced the coins and bills in our pockets with ones and zeros on a server farm somewhere. So what does that mean? How it affect how we think about our money when it doesn't exist in the "physical world" at all? Frankly, we don't know. But we want to find out.

So for the next month here on Spark we're going to be talking money. How we spend it, save it, and share it in the middle of rapid technological change.

Until then, if this is a topic you are interested in, we hope you'll take the time to check out some of our stories about money from past seasons. Stories like our interviews with Don and Alex Tapscott about Blockchain and The Digital Economy, the changes in "the gig economy", or tracing what the mail can show us about economic growth.

We also want to hear from you! If you have  a story you think we should be following, or have something to say about one of our stories, send us a tweet, leave us a comment on our Facebook page, or join the conversation on our website.

We're calling our series "From Bartering to Bitcoin: The Future of Money in a Digital World."

We're excited for you to hear it. The series - and the season - kicks off on the next episode of Spark.

Spark's new series on the future of money in a digital world 1:20


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