Could your tweets come back to haunt you?

Journalist Eve Peyser took a hard look at her Twitter history. It was painful.

Have you posted something in your past that you regret?

Journalist Eve Peyser read back through her tweet history and wasn't happy with what she found. (Adam Killick)

Do the things we said in the past define who we are today? 

It's an issue that comes up a lot in politics in the age of social media because the things you say on social media can come back to haunt you. 

In the current Canadian election campaign, candidates from the NDP, Liberal, Conservative and Green parties have been dropped or stepped down because of past comments they made on social media.   

But outside of politics: what would it be like for a person to look into their own social media past? 

Eve Peyser did just that. She's a writer in New York City who explored  her own social media past in an article for Vice last fall called 'I Went Through All of My Old Tweets and Was Horrified by What I Found.'

When Peyser first looked back at her tweets she said she felt "intense shame". But as she continued to go through her Twitter feed and delete the ones she found embarrassing, "it did make me understand how much I've changed as a person and made me feel good about that."