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Why "inbox infinity" is taking off


Instagram egg, queer video games, inbox infinity, airline ticketing, and counterfactual explantions

No yolk: Insta egg a rare victory in pay-to-play social media

What we've learned from the latest Instagram feud

Lesbian detectives and dating simulators: the history of queer video games

"Rainbow Arcade" exhibition shows off colourful and controversial history

Asking 'why' instead of 'how' could better explain AI decisions

Opening up the "black box" of AI with a trick from philosophy

Take a window seat and aisle tell you a story: the strange history of airline ticketing

Lazy Susans and chance encounters!

Why the Tumblr ban on 'adult content' is bad for LGBTQ youth

Restrictions on nudity limit free expression and discovery, according to media scholars.

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Tumblr adult-content ban and LGBTQ youth, dark patterns and airline seating algorithms, e-scooter abuse and the history of the smart home.

Airline algorithms may be keeping you from sitting together

How airline-booking "dark patterns" force us to pay for seat choice

From the telephone to CES: The long history of the smart home

"There is no point at which you can say 'I have now the perfect home'. It's a never-ending task."

Why are people throwing electric scooters in the water?

The technology backlash against e-scooters

Should your DNA determine what you eat?

Nutrition advice is often one-size-fits-all, but the emerging science of nutrigenomics promises a more customized nutrition plan. Is it effective?

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Health Tech Special

Wearables go beyond fitness tracking to help people with chronic health conditions

After the fitness band: the future of continuous body tracking for health

New tech provides early warning for depression

'Affective computing' measures subtle changes in stress and mental health

'Ear Hustle' brings life inside -- to the outside

Stories of life inside San Quentin from the prisoners themselves.

Spark Prison Special

Tech Innovation and San Quentin State Prison

The Last Mile at San Quentin breaks the cycle of incarceration

San Quentin aims to prepare offenders for life after prison

Cutting-edge digital tools help museums connect with audiences

Museums bring the virtual into the real with new technology

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New tech in museum, and learning from sci-fi movies

From precogs to T-rex, sci-fi films teach us about the ethics of new technology

New book unpacks classic science fiction, from Jurassic Park to Minority Report.

Quiz: Can you guess which iconic films have the biggest influence?

Film rankings are generally either based on critical acclaim or box-office receipts. A recent study chose to measure movies by something a bit less tangible: their influence on other films.

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Deciphering ancient text, finding birds on streetview, and more.

Is that a pixel or a Pileated Woodpecker? Birders flock to Google Street View

Search for elusive species from your desk.

With the federal election around the corner, what we know about targeted ads on Facebook

Finding out who's behind those political ads you keep seeing.