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Smart home security could have real impacts on privacy, racial profiling

Amazon and Google have made a hard push into the home security market, but civilian surveillance could have real impacts on privacy and racial profiling.

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How smart home security could have real impacts on privacy, racial profiling. Empowering trans people with technical and digital skills. The evolution of the syntheszier. The cognitive cost of communications bloat.

Beloved by music nerds, the synthesizer keeps on evolving

Most acoustic musical instruments haven't changed in over 200 years, but electronic instruments continue to be upgraded. A look into whether synthesizers will ever stop evolving.

The stress of messaging app overload

Thanks to the myriad messaging apps and social media platforms we now have, we're in an era of channel overload. How do all these ways of communicating with one another affect our stress levels and concentration?

'Pose' star helps empower trans people in tech

Angelica Ross is an actress and trans activist who has seen the power of tech skills to help marginalized people find good work. She founded TransTech Social Enterprises to help empower trans people with technical and digital skills.

Why The North Face's Wikipedia marketing stunt struck a nerve

The North Face had to apologize last week after it swapped images on Wikipedia with photos featuring its products. There's a fine line between creative marketing and trickery, says journalist Jeff Beer.

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Teaching AI about comedy. Pairing online security tips with beauty tutorials. Photo swapping marketing stunt crosses Wikipedia line.

From generating puns to getting jokes, teaching AI about comedy

A look at ongoing research into artificial intelligence and humour.

YouTube series pairs beauty tutorials with cybersecurity tips

The logic behind a YouTube channel that humorously pairs beauty and online security.

This drone delivered a kidney. Researchers think it can revolutionize transplantation

Dr. Joseph Scalea and his organ drone laboratory at the University of Maryland School of Medicine successfully completed the first organ delivery by drone in April. He is now working to find more ways of using drones for time-sensitive deliveries.

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A surgeon develops a drone to deliver organs for transplant. If an AI trader makes a mistake, who is responsible? How 5G networks could mess up meteorology. Is Yelp creating a surveillance state for restaurant workers?

When AI makes a bad decision, who's legally responsible?

When an AI powered system is making the decisions, who's ultimately responsible if things go wrong? A look at the legal implications of AI.

5G networks could set weather forecasting back decades

Next-gen "5G" cellular networks promise lightning fast speeds, low latency... and messing up weather prediction. Why irate teams of meteorologists are up in arms.

New book argues that sites like Yelp create a surveillance state

According to new research, online reviews constitute workplace surveillance and turn customers into unpaid managers.

A 200-year-old bicycle inspires design for climate change

To encourage his students to think about architecture and design for a world of climate change, a professor challenges them to come up with new bicycle designs.

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Is it time to create a new laufmaschine? Architecture professor Nick Rajkovich asked his students to come up with some new bicycle designs to combat climate change. Chris Preist, a professor of Sustainability and Computer Systems, argues that one simple change could make a big difference in the YouTube's carbon footprint: let users listen to videos without having an active screen. Spark contributor Craig Desson visited the home that houses the players of the "Montreal Rebellion" esports team. In his new book, Coders, author and tech journalist Clive Thompson immersed himself in the culture of computer programmers.

YouTube videos have a huge carbon footprint. Here's a simple fix

Researchers have found that watching YouTube videos creates as many carbon emissions globally as a city of about half a million people. A Sustainable Interaction Design expert argues that one simple change could make a big difference.

Video games and ramen noodles: A look inside an esports team house

Esports are big business, with professional teams, leagues, and millions of paying viewers. A visit to the Montreal house where one team not only plays together, they live together.

The surprising ways coders shape our lives

In his new book, Coders, author Clive Thompson immersed himself in the culture of computer programmers to figure out what makes them tick.

Machine consciousness is 'hugely problematic,' says Ian McEwan

Can we own a consciousness? Can we buy and operate someone else's subjective experience? These themes of Ian McEwan's novel, Machines Like Me, force us to confront our relationship with technology and examine whether our human morality extends to AI beings.

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Booker-prize-winning author Ian McEwan talks about AI and his latest book, Machines Like Me. CES restores its 'Innovation Award' to womens' pleasure product, The Osé. And are 'smart' prisons necessary for safety, or an invasion of privacy?

Balancing safety with privacy in prison: should 'smart' technology monitor inmates?

Nila Bala, an expert on criminal justice policy, argues that we ought to proceed with caution when it comes to implementing 'smart' technology in prisons.

Feminist sex toy maker gets its CES innovation award back after tech show critiqued for gender bias

Following accusations of sexism and gender bias, CES, the world's biggest consumer electronics convention, has apologized to women-run startup Lora DiCarlo.

Windows Solitaire a surprising inductee into video game hall of fame

It wasn't flashy, but it helped billions of people waste time and get better at a card game.

MLB umpires need tech help at the plate, says researcher

A study of four million MLB game pitches leads to a call for the league to employ human-software collaboration so umpires can do a better job.