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Researchers use AI to track whale songs in a sea of noise

Machine learning is helping researchers even as the whales' songs evolve.


Smart cities, serendipitous discovery, whale songs, and more.

US Library of Congress has 500 million digital items. Jer Thorp was turned loose in the digital stacks

Canadian artist turned the vast online collection into a serendipitous discovery machine.

Canadian cities are letting riders order buses from their phones

Bus-on-demand pilot projects are the latest in public transit.

Building a made-in-Canada solution to harmful online hate

Researchers say Canada needs a national approach to online hate speech.

Toronto's 'smart city' needs to address privacy and equity

Being smart about smart cities.

Is car ownership losing its allure? How technology is driving people toward alternatives

From on-demand chauffeurs to vehicle subscriptions to renting your neighbour’s car, the options for getting from point A to point B are more plentiful than ever before. So what does this mean for the traditional travel methods?


The future of car ownership, a piano for everyone, and the decline of internet freedom.

Piano Genie lets you play piano — even if you don't know how

What this piano-composing program teaches us about the future of AI.

Internet freedom is declining for 8th straight year, says NGO report

Freedom on the internet has declined for the eighth consecutive year around the world,according to a new report issued by Freedom House, a human-rights NGO based in Washington, DC.

Ahead of important elections, U.S. voting system is still vulnerable to hacking

With the U.S. midterms around the corner, and increasing concerns of hacking making headlines, J. Alex Halderman worries that government officials are not concerned enough about how vulnerable electronic voting machines are to hacking and tampering.


Digital redlining, election security, internet controlled humans, and more.

Bad algorithms are making racist decisions

"Digital redlining" is often unintentional, but the impact is real

The world's largest e-waste dump is also home to a vibrant community

Meet the people who live and work in "Sodom"

MIT experiment let internet users control a human

Would you let random strangers tell you what to do over the internet? Then this game is for you!

Move over Kardashians: Meet the new 'influencers' on Instagram

Instagram ads are making money — for the platform and its young users.


Instagram is becoming an advertising giant, the responsibilities of platforms, and 25 years of Wired magazine.

Restaurants have strict standards to protect customers. Tech platforms don't

Should social media companies be obligated to put your interests first.

As Wired magazine turns 25, we remember when email was fun

We've come a long way from the Apple Newton.

Spotify wants your DNA to decide what you listen to

Spotify and AncestryDNA collaboration is more than personalized music, it's about data.


Music in your DNA, profiting off volunteer work, and the digital divide.

The digital divide leaves more Canadians offline than you think

Location and income shape digital literacy.

That old smartphone in your drawer could help visually impaired people

'Phone it Forward' tackles the accessibility divide.

For-profit tech giants copy Wikipedia. Should they pay up?

Should digital assistants like Alexa and Siri profit off volunteer work?

The hidden struggle to stay online hurts student equality

"Technology maintenance" widens the digital divide.