Vancouver I: Soheil's Millionaire Blues

Vancouver’s Soheil Biniaz is a self-made millionaire looking for a guy pal. But he's learning the hard way that friendship is something his money can't buy.
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Our first stop is Vancouver, where green glass towers nestle among mountains. It's a bustling collision of people, where luxury developments hover above tent cities.

Vancouver's Soheil Biniaz is a self-made man and luxury home builder. He strikes an intimidating figure in his three-piece suit, Rolex watch, and designer shades. But after a local Vancouver newspaper publicly mocked his 'Millionaires Under 40' meet-up group, Soheil lost the one close guy pal he had. Struggling to make friends, Soheil learns that connection is something his money can't buy.

Can a bright-eyed tween and makeup artist with a punk flair teach him how to connect?

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We kick off Sleepover Season 2 in a highrise condo in Vancouver. (Veronica Simmonds)
Sook-Yin in her west coast tie dye t-shirt waits for the strangers to arrive. (Veronica Simmonds)
Soheil gets comfortable on a narrow bed. (Veronica Simmonds)
This gold tower is the perfect backdrop for Soheil's big dilemma. (Sook-Yin Lee)
Tru Wilson, teen extraordinaire, breezes in ready to meet strangers. (Veronica Simmonds)
How will this buttoned up baller get on with the optimistic tween? (Veronica Simmonds)
Sacha Ouellett feels sick with strep throat, but steps through the door. (Veronica Simmonds)
Sacha, meet Soheil. Soheil, Sacha. (Veronica Simmonds)
We're gonna try to tackle Soheil's problem first. (Veronica Simmonds)
He brought his treasure chest full of precious objects. (Veronica Simmonds)
Including four Rolex watches worth $140, 000. Thank goodness he's insured! (Sook-Yin Lee)
Before revealing his problem, he changes into more comfortable clothes and puts away his sunglasses. (Veronica Simmonds)
Soheil has everything money can buy, except one thing...a guy friend he can travel the world with. (Veronica Simmonds)
Sacha and Tru share their secrets to making friends and offer Soheil advice. (Veronica Simmonds)
Soheil discovers his problem is deeper than he thought. (Veronica Simmonds)
He's searching for connection. Can he find it at this slumber party? (Veronica Simmonds)
Soheil conks out with a lot on his mind. (Sook-Yin Lee)