Toronto Coach House III: Eryn Faye and the Fire Down Below

As a “passion coach”, Eryn Faye Frans helps confused Christians with sex and intimacy. But for all of her expertise, Erin Faye is struggling with her own problem: after being diagnosed with colon cancer, Erin Faye is trying to get her passion back.
Toronto Coach House I: Eryn Faye and the Fire Down Below 1:36
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In her work as a "passion coach", Eryn Faye Frans breaks taboos, helping confused Christians navigate sex and intimacy. But for all of her expertise, she's wrestling with her own personal problem. 

One day she was doing great, the next she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Eryn Faye lost 14 pounds and aquired a colostomy bag. Since then, her and her husband's sexual relationship is struggling to work under the pressure of her recovery. Their world has been turned upside-down.

Can an inexperienced teenager and an intimacy-averse military man help Eryn Faye regain her self-image and self-confidence?

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Eryn Faye Frans wakes up smiling. (Veronica Simmonds)
Walter sits up, his military boots and double wool socks beside his makeshift bed. (Veronica Simmonds)
Davinder looks spiffy first thing in the morning, but he woke up early so he would look that gorgeous. (Veronica Simmonds)
Wake up Sook-Yin, it’s time to problem solve! (Veronica Simmonds)
It turns out Eryn Faye Frans—dynamic and gorgeous sex therapist—needs advice. (Veronica Simmonds)
It has to do with her unforgettably named lipstick called “Fire Down Below”. (Veronica Simmonds)
Eryn Faye is a 'sexpert' who helps Christians in matters of intimacy and sex. (Veronica Simmonds)
But she struggles with her own sex life while being treated for cancer. (Veronica Simmonds)
Can an inexperienced teenager and introverted military man help her? (Veronica Simmonds)
We try a little experiment involving Sleepover sleeping masks! (Veronica Simmonds)
(Veronica Simmonds)
(Veronica Simmonds)
Eryn Faye gets a glimmer of understanding about what she needs to do next. (Veronica Simmonds)
Before parting ways, one more moment together. (Veronica Simmonds)
24 hours pass and by the time strangers bond, it’s time to part ways. (Veronica Simmonds)
And return to the world. (Veronica Simmonds)