Sleepover Live: Hot Docs Power Nap Edition

In the Sleepover Live Power Nap Edition, three mystery guests meet for the first time in a king-sized bed on stage with Sook-Yin Lee to share their deepest dilemmas.
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Sook-Yin Lee invites three pyjama-clad strangers to join her in a giant bed onstage to help with each other's major life problems. At the inaugural Hot Docs Podcast Festival in Toronto, surrounded by bowls of junk food, Sleepover presents a live one-hour adaptation: The Power Nap.


Can Strangers get intimate and help one another as a crowd stares at them in a tri-level cinema? They certainly do their darndest.

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Get to know the mystery guests:

Mystery Guest #1 is The Brampton Boy Wonder

SleepoverLIVE: Mystery Guest #1 1:39

Mystery Guest #2 wants to "hunt, fish, party and giv'r." 

SleepoverLIVE: Mystery Guest #2 2:00

Mystery Guest #3 strives to keep an open mind.

SleepoverLIVE: Mystery Guest #3 2:18

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