Salt Spring III: Scott, Come Down From that Tree!

Scott Nyuli is an arborist who swings from the tallest trees but problems begin when he hits the ground. He wants romance, but gets completely tongue-tied talking to women. Will Scott unlock the mysteries of love?

Scott Nyuli

5 years ago
Duration 1:44
Scott Nyuli

Stowel Lake Farm is 120 acres of perennial gardens. There are GIANT cabbages as big yoga balls, and chickens and pigs leading very happy lives. It's a paradise where healthy and young back-to-the landers live together and grow organic produce.

Look up and you'll see swinging from tallest treetop our third Salt Spring stranger—the guy in construction boots and wielding a chainsaw—Scott Nyuli, the arborist. Scott's a "tree doctor".

When he's swinging from branches he has not a care in the world. But his problems begin as soon as he touches the ground.

Since his beloved mom died last year, Scott's been trying to find romance and settle down. The problem is, he gets so tongue tied around women, he can't speak up!

Can a straight-talking blues singer and a millennial activist help him overcome his paralyzing fear and break on through to the other side?

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A wall of fire wood outside a barn on Salt Spring Island. (Veronica Simmonds)
Scott Nyuli is an arborist. He climbs tall, hazardous trees, prunes them and sometimes chops them down. (Veronica Simmonds)
Scott loves the thrill of his dangerous occupation, and feels more adept up in a tree than on the ground. (Veronica Simmonds)
Inside the renovated barn, Scott shares his conundrum. (Veronica Simmonds)
His tree climbing rope is a symbol of the lifeline he’s searching for- love and companionship. (Veronica Simmonds)
His tree climbing rope smells like...trees! (Veronica Simmonds)
HELP! Scott gets tongue tied. (Veronica Simmonds)
Love is confusing! Intimacy is scary! Believe us, we know. (Veronica Simmonds)
Cody and Cathy conduct a master class in flirting! (Veronica Simmonds)
A lightbulb goes off for Scott. (Veronica Simmonds)
Sook-Yin and Cody experience a transcendental moment involving potato chips. (Veronica Simmonds)
The next morning, the sun rises and chickens make the most cliche chicken sounds. (Veronica Simmonds)
Cody and Scott are groggy. (Veronica Simmonds)
Cathy’s morning ritual. (Veronica Simmonds)
Bed head! (Sook-Yin Lee)
Good morning! (Veronica Simmonds)
Huge hugs on the gravel road where we first met. (Veronica Simmonds)