Peterborough I: Trudy's Family Feud

Deep in the Canadian wilderness arrives Trudy Wilson— realtor, long distance swimmer, and devoted mom. Family is important to Trudy, but since her mom’s death, she’s been battling with her big brother. Can strangers solve Trudy’s sibling rivalry?
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Peterborough I: Trudy’s Family Feud 1:49

Sleepover travels deep into the Canadian wilderness of Buckhorn, Peterborough County. Strangers meet in a rustic boathouse on Big Bald Lake, which is home for the next 24 hours of problem solving.

A business person appears, looking out of place with her vintage suitcase. It's Trudy Wilson— realtor, long distance swimmer, and devoted mom. Family is important to Trudy, but since the death of her mom, she has been in a battle with her big brother. Trudy wants him back in her life, but she doesn't know how to make amends.

Can a volunteer fireman and construction site worker help solve Trudy's sibling rivalry?

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Our sleepover begins at the Peterborough bus station with Sook-Yin Lee interviewing a dog. (Veronica Simmonds)
She picks up Oseko Ogega, who’s a fish out of water in a country setting. (Veronica Simmonds)
Travelling deep into the Canadian wilderness to Big Bald Lake is where strangers sleepover! (Veronica Simmonds)
A woman arrives at the boathouse with a vintage suitcase. It’s realtor Trudy Wilson! (Veronica Simmonds)
Strangers Trudy and Oseko meet. (Veronica Simmonds)
Orville Thertell arrives and susses out this new situation. He’s an electrician and volunteer fireman. (Veronica Simmonds)
Trudy’s nervous to talk about what’s upsetting her, so she’s going first! (Veronica Simmonds)
Trudy brings out a family heirloom that represents the crux of her problem. (Veronica Simmonds)
The strangers break it down quickly and get down to the tough stuff. (Veronica Simmonds)
Trudy considers a difficult perspective, one she hasn’t thought of before. (Veronica Simmonds)
Big Bald Lake is beautiful and peaceful. It’s like a Group of Seven painting come to life! (Veronica Simmonds)
The fresh air of Peterborough County helps air out her problem. (Veronica Simmonds)