Peterborough II: Orville Needs Out

Orville Thertell is a typical affable Canadian. He might be too nice. Orville’s being taken advantage of, but can’t put his foot down. Sequestered in a boathouse in the woods, can tough talk from a city guy and a realtor help him stick up for himself?
Peterborough II: Orville Needs Out 1:06
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Orville Thertell is a farm boy-turned-electrician and volunteer firefighter. Orville's a quiet, stoic man who's humble and hard-working. He's the quintessential affable Canadian, but maybe just a little too nice. Orville is being taken advantage of and he can't put his foot down.

Sequestered in a boathouse in the middle of the woods, can tough talk from city guy and economic advice from a realtor help Orville from getting walked over?

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Big Bald Lake is beautiful and peaceful. It’s like a Group of Seven painting come to life! (Veronica Simmonds)
Electrician and volunteer firefighter Orville Thertell looks happy, but something is bugging him. (Veronica Simmonds)
His problem lies buried inside the documents of a red folder. (Veronica Simmonds)
The strangers settle onto Orville’s bed in the corner of the boathouse as the sun sets. (Veronica Simmonds)
We dig into his difficulties but Orville is not used to talking about his problems. Trudy, Oseko, and Sook-Yin try to pull the details from him. (Veronica Simmonds)
Orville opens up a little then climbs up a wooden ladder that leads to the next problem. (Veronica Simmonds)