Episode ten: Tiny repairs in reality

For the Sleepover season one finale, Sook-Yin checks in with all nine of our guests. They began as strangers and left accomplices, but what became of their problems after Sleepover?
All the guests from Sleepover season one. Who will be next? (Adam Litovitz)

Dear Wonderfuls,

It's been an incredible and intense three months since launching Sleepover. What began as an adventurous and ambitious idea soon became a reality: sequestering complete strangers in a hotel room for 24 hours to try to help one another's problems.

Everything came together quickly, as if an uncanny force was pulling us together — a stellar team, amazing guests, and wham! Sleepover was born.

Being inside the hotel room took a lot of energy, vulnerability, co-operation, and presence. There were tears and meltdowns, and many sublime moments. I saw strangers in a room, listening and expressing, being heard and being seen. It made me realize that when you share a part of yourself there so much to gain: an experience, a perspective, a job, a new friend.

The audience took notice and were a big part of the success of Sleepover. With each new episode, we received feedback from listeners who were endeared to our flawed and fantastic guests. I'm humbled and happy that Sleepover resonated with so many people. It turns out that there is a need for authentic, face-to-face connection, especially now in our social media era.

To give you an idea of how the whole experience unfolded, here's an interview I did with NPR.

It's a wrap of Sleepover season one but it's just the beginning!  I'm thrilled to announce that the CBC is renewing Sleepover for a second season! HUZZAH!  

We're going back to to brain central (my messy tiny CBC office) to concoct a series of inspired episodes for the new year. We have a live show in the works and we're taking Sleepover on the road to Vancouver and a small town in Ontario.

As we go forward, we're losing key member Tom Howell who returns to his real job. Thank you Tom for giving it your all. We'll miss you dearly. For season two, we bring to the fold a newcomer with sharp ears and an even sharper mind: Michelle Macklem. She joins me, Veronica Simmonds, TK Matunda.

I'd like also like to give a big shout out to Craig Desson and Adam Litovitz for helping to make the Sleepover multimedia amazing. We created our own original music, micro-movies, blogs, and photos in addition to radio.

Lastly, I tip my hat to our phenomenal guests who arrived at the hotel strangers and left accomplices: Charlie McGettigan, Scaachi Koul, Alan Zweig, Jon Fiddler, Sheila Heti, Josis Thomas, Tai Poole, Judy Kennedy, and Jagmeet Singh.

Thanks to everyone for tuning in.

Thank you for your encouragement and support, for your time and your hearts. Sleepover returns in the new year. I'm looking forward to it!

When strangers collide incredible things happen. I can't await to see what unfolds.

Sook-Yin Lee

Scaachi Koul, Charlie McGettigan and Alan Zweig right before the head back in to the busy city. Sook-Yin had no idea how this experiment would go. These three strangers came from completely separate worlds, yet despite all their differences, they’re three of a kind. (Adam Litovitz)
Jon Fiddler, Sheila Heti and Josis Thomas all came in with uncertainty about their futures. By sharing their worries they were able to find new perspectives to their problems. (Adam Litovitz)
Judy Kennedy, Tai Poole and Jagmeet Singh, all have to deal with how the outside world sees them. Hopefully, in this room we found a way to crack the exterior, by taking the time to listen. (Adam Litovitz)

As a salute to the Sleepover team, here are some behind-the-scenes images from the show: