Episode one: Charlie's Conundrum

Charlie McGettigan is a bright, mischievous and an incredibly caring eight-year-old girl. During this episode Charlie shares her reading difficulties with the other sleepover guests.

Charlie's conundrum

6 years ago
Duration 1:48
Charlie McGettigan is eight years old, freckled and fearless. Despite her confidence, Charlie wrestles with a problem that has the kids at school making faces at her.

Meet Charlie McGettigan, eight years old, freckled and fearless. Charlie's mom is a Romanian dancer and her dad is a Newfoundland rocker. She's a powerful combination of those forces and then some!

Charlie is a wild child who climbs cabinets and window sills, and leaps into the deep end of a pool. What strikes me most about young Charlie McGettigan is her deep sensitivity and care for others. You can see that in her soul-stirring bond with her guinea pig Turnip.

Yet despite all her confidence and empathy, Charlie wrestles with her own difficulty that has the kids at school making faces at her. She's quick to believe their taunts, even though she's a super-amazing brilliant kid.

For these reasons, I invited Charlie for a sleepover.

With her low tolerance for boredom and ability to cut through complications, she'll be an asset to our problem-solving - but will strangers Scaachi Koul and Alan Zweig be able to help young Charlie through her troubles?

Also, a special thanks to Charlie's mom Miruna for accompanying her, and Sonya Singh from the Fairmont Royal York.

Sook-Yin Lee


Charlie McGettigan is eight years old. She still has trouble reading chapter books like her copy of Winnie the Pooh. (Adam Litovitz)
Sook-Yin searches for her room amongst the many doors.
It is exciting times as Sook-Yin Lee prepares the room for the guests of her first Sleepover! (Adam Litovitz )
Patiently waiting for the first guest to arrive. (Adam Litovitz )
Hi Charlie McGettigan! Sook-Yin eagerly welcomes guest number one. (Adam Litovitz )
Next into the room, Buzzfeed writer Scaachi Koul - this is shaping up to be an interesting evening. (Adam Litovitz )
Sook-Yin Lee, Charlie and Scaachi settle into the room and take in the great view. (Adam Litovitz)
Scaachi's chosen her bed. (Adam Litovitz)
Charlie seems more interested in the floor. (Adam Litovitz and Sook-Yin Lee )
The third guest has finally arrived! Welcome, documentary filmmaker Alan Zweig. (Adam Litovitz)
What have you gotten yourself into, Charlie? (Adam Litovitz and Sook-Yin Lee)
Alan's got his bed. (Sook-Yin Lee)
Alan Zweig and Scaachi Koul - first meetings can be awkward. (Adam Litovitz and Sook-Yin Lee)
This night is definitely going to be interesting. (Adam Litovitz )
Now that everyone is here, we can start the experiment. (Adam Litovitz)
Reading and math are a bit difficult for Charlie.
Scaachi offers some advice: everyone has something that is hard and embarrassing to do. (Adam Litovitz )
It is time to take a dip in the pool after tackling Charlie's problem. ( Adam Litovitz)
Alan decides to sit this one out ... wonder what is stopping him? ( Adam Litovitz )