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Native Child and the Full Moon Ep 1: The Search

Forget hotel rooms, Sook-Yin Lee wants to sleepover in an institution. But will anyone let her in?

Native Child and the Full Moon Ep 2: Caterina

Caterina Sinclair spent six difficult years in foster care. She’s grounded, smart, resilient, and committed to living healthy. So how can she maintain her friendships and stay on her own path?

Native Child and the Full Moon Ep 3: Tegan

Tegan Smallwood, 15, isn’t sure which nation she's from because her mom was adopted during the Sixties Scoop. A few years ago, her family went through a rough patch. Now, she wants to unpack it. How can she approach this difficult conversation?

Native Child and the Full Moon Ep 4: Jordan

Childhood struggles helped build Jordan Lonechild-Levalley's strong character. Now he wants to be a social worker but can be quick to snap at people. How can he curb his temper and excel professionally?

Vancouver I: Soheil's Millionaire Blues

Vancouver’s Soheil Biniaz is a self-made millionaire looking for a guy pal. But he's learning the hard way that friendship is something his money can't buy.

Vancouver II: Tru's Survival Skills

Groundbreaking Vancouverite and tween extraordinaire, Tru Wilson, is part of a new generation of empowered trans kids demanding to be heard. She's got enough optimism to light up a room. So, how will she face a dark world?

Vancouver III: Sacha Separates

Sacha Ouellet is a tough twenty-something with dreams of becoming an artist. But will her fear of losing her connection to her mom hold her back?

Salt Spring I: Cody Goes to Syria

Young activist, Cody Bergerud was raised in a progressive idyllic paradise. But when he becomes disillusioned with local politics, he takes off for war-torn Syria. Can he keep his promise to help his Syrian friends?

Salt Spring II: Cathy's Vanishing Legacy

Cathy Roland’s ancestors were sent by Hawaiian King Kamehameha to help with Canada’s 19th century fur trade! She’s proud of her Hawaiian-Salish heritage, but the next generation doesn’t get it. How can she keep their legacy alive?

Salt Spring III: Scott, Come Down From that Tree!

Scott Nyuli is an arborist who swings from the tallest trees but problems begin when he hits the ground. He wants romance, but gets completely tongue-tied talking to women. Will Scott unlock the mysteries of love?

Toronto Skyscraper I: Judy Doesn't Have A Problem

Judy’s an octogenarian babe-o-rama powerhouse! She sings, dances, skis, and loves driving. That’s her problem. Her family is worried about her and wants Judy to give up the wheel. Faced with the realities of ageing, should Judy park the car?

Toronto Skyscraper II: Ben Wants Friends

Ben Goodes, 13, loves eating junk food and playing with his dog and best friend, Maya. Ben is looking for human friends, but has social anxiety related to his autism. People confound him, but he’s braved a sleepover to learn the secret to making buds.

Toronto Skyscraper III: Kai-Cheng Unplugs

Kai Cheng is a social worker, poet, and workaholic. Her experiences growing up trans inspires her to help. She’s always there for others, but it’s exhausting. She needs to set boundaries, and focus on herself. Can she learn to say ‘no’?

Sleepover Check-In: What becomes of your problems?

Sook-Yin Lee checks in with guests from Vancouver, Salt Spring Island, and Toronto after they’ve checked out. The big question remains: Once you return to the world post-sleepover, what happens to your problems?

Sleepover Live: Hot Docs Power Nap Edition

In the Sleepover Live Power Nap Edition, three mystery guests meet for the first time in a king-sized bed on stage with Sook-Yin Lee to share their deepest dilemmas.

Toronto Coach House I: Davinder's Decision

Davinder Mahli, 18, is passionate about theatre, and has written award-winning plays. Davinder’s parents worked hard to send him to theatre school, but he’s losing inspiration. Does he stick it out, or does tell his parents he’s switching majors?

Toronto Coach House II: Walter's Wall

Walter Callaghan is a former medic with the Canadian forces. Walter was given a medical release just months shy of his full pension. Despite leaving the military over a decade ago, he still struggles with ghosts of the past.

Toronto Coach House III: Eryn Faye and the Fire Down Below

As a “passion coach”, Eryn Faye Frans helps confused Christians with sex and intimacy. But for all of her expertise, Erin Faye is struggling with her own problem: after being diagnosed with colon cancer, Erin Faye is trying to get her passion back.

Peterborough I: Trudy's Family Feud

Deep in the Canadian wilderness arrives Trudy Wilson— realtor, long distance swimmer, and devoted mom. Family is important to Trudy, but since her mom’s death, she’s been battling with her big brother. Can strangers solve Trudy’s sibling rivalry?

Peterborough II: Orville Needs Out

Orville Thertell is a typical affable Canadian. He might be too nice. Orville’s being taken advantage of, but can’t put his foot down. Sequestered in a boathouse in the woods, can tough talk from a city guy and a realtor help him stick up for himself?

Peterborough III: Oseko's Secret Life

Oseko Ogega is a working class hero with a gift of the gab. He leads a double life, and it’s got him at a crossroads: should he be a working stiff or follow his passion? A rap battle in the wilderness helps unlock the secret of his struggle.

Sleepover Check-In 2: Perfect Strangers Return to an Imperfect World

Perfect strangers sequester themselves for 24 hours to help each other. But what happens when they return to an imperfect world? Sook-Yin checks in with guests from Toronto and Peterborough to find out.

Episode one: Charlie's Conundrum

Charlie McGettigan is a bright, mischievous and an incredibly caring eight-year-old girl. During this episode Charlie shares her reading difficulties with the other sleepover guests.

Episode two: Scaachi and the Silent Treatment

Scaachi Koul is an outspoken writer with a undeniably bold presence. She reveals the weight of her upsetting personal problem: the deterioration of an important relationship that has turned into a silent standoff. She says it's unsolvable. Will Sook-Yin, and guests Alan Zweig and Charlie McGettigan be able to help her with the "impossible"?

Episode three: Alan Takes Control

Alan Zweig is a documentary filmmaker and self-described "old dad". He has a ton of problems around the need to be in control, but at this sleepover he’s forced to let go. What will he hang onto when his difficulties are unleashed in the hotel room?