Someone Knows Something

Updates and what's next for SKS

We've got an update on all seasons, answers to your FAQs and a special announcement.
Updates on Seasons 1 through 4. And an announcement: SKS will be back with Season 5 in October 2018. 9:14

Host David Ridgen provides the latest updates on all four seasons of Someone Knows Something and makes an exciting announcement about what's to come.

David Ridgen and the SKS team provide the latest updates on all past seasons. 2:11

Updates on Seasons 1 to 4

Season 1: Based on the SKS team's findings in early March for the Adrien McNaughton case, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) returned to Holmes Lake in mid-May to attempt a dive of their own. Their full report provides a detailed conclusion of their dive.

Season 2: The petition created by Noah Kerzner and other listeners — asking for more support on the Sheryl Sheppard case — has received over 10,000 signatures. The petition was presented to a Hamilton Police Board meeting on March 22, 2018.

Season 3: David and Thomas Moore still speak on a regular basis, and will see each other in Colorado this summer. Thomas plans to build a permanent memorial next to his brother Charles' original gravestone at the Mount Olive Cemetery in Mississippi.

Season 4: David finally tracks down Richard Lepp, who worked with Wayne Greavette in the beverage packaging industry before he was killed by a flashlight bomb.

Season 5: The next season of Someone Knows Something will launch in October 2018.