Season 4

The Typewriter

Learn more about the typewriter and daisy wheel that was used to compose the letter.
The letter sent to Wayne Greavette with the bomb was typed on an electronic Smith-Corona typewriter, similar to this one. (David Ridgen/CBC)

Police determined the fake business proposal that was sent with the flashlight bomb was typed on an electronic Smith-Corona typewriter. 

Typewriter collector Uwe Wachtendorf says police would have carefully analyzed the letter and noticed the perfect spacing and alignment of the words — a defining factor of electronic machines.

Typewriter collector Uwe Wachtendorf 4:13

The death letter

The daisy wheel model used to compose the death letter was Smith-Corona Script 10/12 #59543. (David Ridgen/CBC)

The typewriter had a daisy wheel — a disk with letters, numbers and symbols on spokes — that serves as the printing element of an electric typewriter or printer. 

Each interchangeable wheel came with a different font. The death letter was typed with the font Script 10/12 with the daisy wheel number 59543
This anomaly after each period may have been caused by a bend in the daisy wheel or another kind of defect.

According to police, at the time, only two per cent of people who had a Smith-Corona typewriter owned the daisy wheel that made this font. 

What's more, the daisy wheel and typewriter combination used to type the letter to Wayne, displayed a unique anomaly — a small backward slash after each period. Police believe the anomaly may have been caused by a bent arm on the plastic daisy wheel.

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