Season 2

Episode 8: Gwen

Gwen speaks about her relationship with Michael Lavoie, what she recalls from those crucial days in January 1998, and the effect that Sheryl's disappearance had on Gwen and her family.
Odette used this laptop to reach out to Gwen on social media. (David Ridgen)

Gwen was devastated by Sheryl's disappearance and the fact that Michael Lavoie was the prime suspect. Gwen is Lavoie's former partner and the mother of the three children they had together.

Gwen's children knew Sheryl well and liked her. They were also with Lavoie during the weekend that Sheryl disappeared.

During that time, their father Michael reportedly exhibited some strange behaviour. That behaviour became even more troubling in the days after the daughters were returned to their mother Gwen on Sunday, January 5.

Michael was found overcome by exhaust fumes in a storage locker only three days later.

He recovered, but his lack of cooperation with police, coupled with other curious actions and a tight-lipped demeanor over the period of Sheryl's disappearance and the following weeks and months, raised suspicions that he may know more about Sheryl's whereabouts than he was letting on.

These and other factors involving Michael Lavoie weighed heavily on his family.

It was enough to eventually make Gwen decide to move out of the province in an attempt to get away from it all, and start fresh.

But things only got worse.

In Episode 7: Ghost, David Ridgen travelled across the country to contact Gwen and see if she would speak about Sheryl's case.

This week, we hear from Gwen about her life with Michael Lavoie, what she's heard from her daughters, and what she thinks may have happened in January 1998.