Season 2

Episode 7: Ghost

David drives cross-country to meet with Gwen, Michael Lavoie's partner of many years. Retired detectives share new details about their investigation. And a local reporter reveals a previously unreported story about Lavoie.
Sheryl Sheppard as a young girl, standing on the balcony of the apartment she lived in with her mother Odette at 851 Queenston Rd.

For over 19 years, remnants of Sheryl's life have been preserved by her mother Odette: photos, gifts, framed poems, items of clothing. They litter Odette's home like an amorphous memorial.

Sheryl's disappearance has also haunted her relatives and wide ranging circle of friends, including a woman named Gwen.

Gwen is the mother of Michael Lavoie's daughters — three girls who were with Michael the weekend that Sheryl went missing.

After Sheryl disappeared, Gwen moved with her children out of Ontario. Why? And does she or her children know anything that might help the investigation?

Dan Nolan is a veteran reporter at the Hamilton Spectator. (David Ridgen)

In Episode 7, David speaks with Dan Nolan, a Hamilton Spectator journalist who, while reporting the story of Sheryl's disappearance with Odette back in 1998, had an intriguing run-in with Michael Lavoie. One that was never reported in the media.

Michael Lavoie hasn't spoken much with police, and has said even less to the media, although he has maintained that he had nothing to do with Sheryl's disappearance.

Dan took notes and tells David what he heard.  

Now, 19 years later, could these comments be important to the case?

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      Retired detectives Don Forgan and Warren Korol also share more information about their initial investigation.

      New details come to light about what police discovered during their examination of the apartment at 851 Queenston Rd.

      And David digs deeper into whether there were any other suspects that could have possibly been involved in Sheryl's disappearance.

      The apartment building at 851 Queenston Rd. where Sheryl, Mike and Odette used to live. (David Ridgen)

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