Season 2

Episode 4: Intimation

The search for more information about Sheryl’s disappearance begins to both widen and focus on the details, as David uses everything from Facebook to knocking on doors to try to figure out what might have happened to Sheryl.
Sheryl Sheppard with her mother Odette Fisher

If Sheryl Sheppard was fired from her job at Tim Hortons in the early morning hours of January 1, 1998, how might she react?

Would she have looked for other ways to make money?

Or even decided to dance at the Concord Hotel, a now-defunct Niagara Falls strip club, as her fiancé Michael Lavoie has claimed?

The alleyway beside the former Concord Hotel, where Michael says he dropped Sheryl off (David Ridgen)

The site of the former Concord Hotel is now occupied by the Big Texas Bar & Grill, the type of place where you can grab a beer, eat a steak, and ride a mechanical bull.

The alley beside the bar where Michael Lavoie says he dropped Sheryl off is a narrow one-way lane formed by the side of the former Concord and a free-standing concrete wall that leads from a busy street into an open parking lot.

If Sheryl was dropped off in this alley on January 2, 1998, what happened after that?

Mike Manojlovich, the former owner of the Concord Hotel (David Ridgen)

Mike Manojlovich, the former owner of the Concord Hotel, says that Sheryl never worked at his club—that night or any other.

Hamilton police also had their doubts about whether Sheryl made it to Niagara Falls that night.

As we've learned in previous episodes, officers spent ten days scouring the apartment at 851 Queenston Rd. for clues.

So far, Detective Sergeant Peter Thom has not revealed what, if anything, may have been discovered there.

When Sheryl's mother Odette Fisher returned to her home, she noticed that the forensic team had left many spots circled on the hallway wall.

In Episode 4: Intimation, David Ridgen visits 851 Queenston to see the apartment where Odette, Sheryl and Michael lived.

Unit 701, where Odette, Sheryl and Michael used to live. (David Ridgen)

Perhaps some clue might be discovered in Unit 701 nearly 19 years after Sheryl's disappearance.

Seeing the apartment helps to build a narrative of what could have happened.

And, more concretely, it helps to track down neighbours and staff who might've been unwitting witnesses during those early days in January 1998.

Art McDonald, the former superintendent of the 851 Queenston Rd. apartments (David Ridgen)

Art McDonald, the building superintendent at the time, may have witnessed something.

And Detective Don Forgan has detailed notes from that period of time.

David talks to them both.

Don Forgan, one of the original detectives on the Sheryl Sheppard case (David Ridgen)

Forgan was another one of the homicide detectives assigned to Sheryl's case.

Now retired, Forgan recalls many aspects of the original investigation.

And Forgan has some information about a neighbour at 851 Queenston, who may have seen something that could be useful to the investigation.

The view from the balcony of Unit 701 at 851 Queenston Rd. (David Ridgen)


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