Season 2

Episode 12: Lavoie

Where is Sheryl Sheppard? David looks into her potential whereabouts and makes direct contact with the man police have named as the prime suspect in Sheryl's disappearance: Michael Lavoie.
Sheryl Sheppard and Michael Lavoie, two weeks before Sheryl disappeared.

Nineteen years ago, Michael Lavoie said that he had nothing to do with the disappearance of his fiancé, Sheryl Sheppard.

But that's about all he's said.

Despite being the prime suspect in Sheryl's disappearance according to Hamilton police, Michael's spent less than 30 minutes being interviewed.

And the media hasn't had much more luck. Michael's declined comment whenever asked, according to reports.

There are many questions that need answering, it's time to track down the man who might be able to shed some light on them: Michael Lavoie.

A view from the balcony of Sheryl Sheppard’s previous apartment at 851 Queenston Rd. (David Ridgen)

Also in Episode 12, we finally meet Paula Branton, one of Sheryl's closest friends.

Paula is the twin sister of Pam Branton (Episode 3: Blondie) and Kara Branton's mother (Episode 9: The Appearance of Force).

Paula has important insights into Sheryl's behaviour — what was normal and abnormal for her. She also reveals the details of phone calls to Sheryl after the New Year's Eve proposal.

Grace Russo (left) and Pam Jensen were close friends with Sheryl. (David Ridgen)

We hear from Pam Jensen as well, another friend who spoke with Sheryl during those crucial days in January 1998.

She sheds light on what Sheryl really thought about the engagement to Michael Lavoie, and what she planned to do about it.

Pam also received another intriguing phone call after Sheryl went missing, from Michael Lavoie.

Sheryl Sheppard with her friend Kathy “Faffy” Brewer at a birthday party in December 1997.

So where is Sheryl Sheppard? If Sheryl was murdered, where are her remains?

We hear about many of the locations that were searched by police and volunteers following Sheryl's disappearance, along with the areas that might've been missed.

Michael Lavoie travelled great distances immediately after January 2, and police used his known locations to base some of their searches.

Could Sheryl's remains be hidden somewhere within the giant triangle formed by Michael's travels in the aftermath of her disappearance:  between Casino Rama, Stratford, and Niagara Falls?

And what needs to happen next to solve this case, which many believe is solvable?

The mechanical bull at the Big Texas Bar & Grill, the former site of the Concord Hotel, when Michael says he last saw Sheryl. (David Ridgen)


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