Season 1

Episode four: Hello, Adrien?

Forensic artist Diana Trepkov creates a series of age-progression sketches of Adrien McNaughton, showing what the five-year-old boy might look like today, as a 49-year-old man.

If you have kids, you know how frightening the future can sometimes be.

On certain sleepless nights, it's hard not to dwell upon all the things that can go wrong, all the pain and tragedy that tomorrow can hold.

Questions that by the light of day can fill one will optimism — What sort of person will they grow up to be? What will they do for a living? Will they be happy? — can easily slip into gloom.

What if they're unhappy? What if they can't find a job? What if something terrible happens, and they don't get the chance to grow up at all?

The reality for parents of missing children is that these questions don't stop. In fact, they only compound.

And as the years pile up into decades, difficult new questions arise: If I do see him again, will he recognize me? Will I be able to recognize him? 

What would my five-year-old boy look like today as a 50-year-old man? 

In episode four of SKS, David Ridgen enlists the help of forensic artist Diana Trepkov to move his investigation into the fate of Adrien McNaughton from the past into the present day.

When you've finished listening, please take a good hard look at the drawings below, and ask yourself one question: Do I know this man?

If so, you might know Adrien McNaughton — the man that he's become.

And you might be able to set to rest the questioning minds of at least one set of worried parents.

Someone Knows Something is an episodic series, best listened to in order. Click here to listen to Episode three: The theories.


Show Notes

Below are the seven age progression sketches created by forensic artist Diana Trepkov, showing what Adrien McNaughton may look like today, at age 49. The sketches were built using a photo of Adrien at five years old, as well as photos of his family members.

Sketch #1

Sketch #2

Sketch #3

Sketch #4

Sketch #5

Sketch #6

Sketch #7