Season 1

Episode five: Breeze & Grief

Cadaver dogs are trained to track down the scent of human remains. David Ridgen revisits the Holmes Lake area where five-year-old Adrien McNaughton was last seen with a pair of these dogs. If Adrien's still there, Breeze and Grief might find him.
Breeze, one of the cadaver dogs that searched the Holmes Lake area for human remains. (David Ridgen)

There's hope and then there's grief.

The McNaughton family has lived between these two conflicting emotions for nearly 44 years.

The hope is that Adrien McNaughton will be discovered alive, living in another town, another country — unaware of his family and their search for him.

In an ideal world, they'd find him happy and healthy (Visit our episode four page for age-progression sketches showing what he might look like today).

But if Adrien died on June 12, 1972, or sometime thereafter, it might be better just to know.

If only we could find the rubber sole of a small running shoe, a piece of Adrien's windbreaker, or a shard of human bone.

Grief (L) and Breeze (R) in the back of handler Kim Cooper's pickup truck. (David Ridgen)

In episode five of SKS, host David Ridgen returns to Holmes Lake, the remote site where five-year-old Adrien was last seen — this time in the company of Breeze and Grief.

The appropriately named dogs have been trained to track down the scent of human remains.

These cadaver dogs — and handler Kim Cooper — spend two days searching through the thick brush, marshes and streams surrounding the lake.

If there are human remains in the area, Breeze and Grief might find them.

Shontelle McNaughton, Adrien's youngest sister. (Owen Ridgen)

In situations like this, it's hard to know what to do with your hope.

Do you hope that the dogs find Adrien's remains, and then have to deal with the grief of finally letting him go?

Or do you hope that they find nothing and continue not to know?

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