Season 4

The Sketches

View the police sketches of the two men that were seen at the post office asking for Wayne Greavette's address.
These two men were seen at the Acton, Ontario post office asking for Wayne's address a month before his murder in 1996. (Ontario Provincial Police)

In the fall of 1996, two men were seen at the Acton, Ontario post office asking two separate people for Wayne's address. One of the men was inside asking, while the other was outside asking.

(David Ridgen/CBC)

The Greavettes had previously lived in Acton, but would have moved 19 km away to the farm near Moffat in June, 1996.

Police sketch artists drew pictures of the two men based on witness information and released it to the public. But OPP says to date, they do not know who these men were.

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