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Season 5: Kerrie Brown

On October 16, 1986, 15-year-old Kerrie Brown disappeared from a house party. Her body was discovered two days later in a wooded area outside of town.

Mysterious killing of Manitoba teen Kerrie Ann Brown explored in CBC podcast

The unsolved rape and murder of 15-year-old Kerrie Ann Brown continues to haunt her family three decades after the devastating loss.

How to share a tip with SKS

Learn how you can get in touch about Wayne Greavette's case.

Listen to Season 4: Greavette

Wayne Greavette was killed by a bomb mailed to his home. In Season 4 of Someone Knows Something, Greavette’s wife, son and daughter join host David Ridgen to find out who might have sent it, and why.

Updates and what's next for SKS

We've got an update on all seasons, answers to your FAQs and a special announcement.

Season 1: Holmes Lake Update

In March 2018, David and his team of volunteers conducted a fourth search of Holmes Lake using an ice auger and core sampler, and get definitive indications from three separate cadaver dogs.

The Sketches

View the police sketches of the two men that were seen at the post office asking for Wayne Greavette's address.

The Family

See photos of Wayne Greavette and his family.

The Package

Learn about the fatal package that was sent to Wayne Greavette.

The Flashlight

Learn about the flashlight that was used to kill Wayne Greavette.

The Letter

Learn more about the letter that came with the flashlight bomb.

The Typewriter

Learn more about the typewriter and daisy wheel that was used to compose the letter.

The Crime Scene

See photos from December 12, 1996, the day Wayne Greavette was murdered.

The Property

See photos of the Greavettes' family home and surrounding property.

A Christmas check-in with Odette

David visits Odette Fisher, the mother of Sheryl Sheppard from Season 2 of SKS.

Season 3: Dee & Moore

In 1964, the remains of Charles Moore and Henry Dee were found in the Mississippi River. But no one was convicted. 40 years later, Charles's brother Thomas returns to Mississippi with David Ridgen to reopen the case and confront the Klan.

Hear 3 bonus scenes from Season 3: Dee & Moore

Here’s a small example of what was left on the cutting room floor.

Who's who in the Dee & Moore case

Meet friends and family of Charles Moore and Henry Dee, read more about the key investigators on the case, and get to know more about the Klansmen involved.

See the people and places in Dee & Moore

See pictures of Thomas Moore in Vietnam, James Seale and Charles Edwards when they were arrested in 1964, and other photos associated with the case.

Watch key moments from Dee & Moore

View excerpts of David Ridgen's 2007 documentary "Mississippi Cold Case" and other videos mentioned in Season 3.

How the Dee & Moore case unfolded

This interactive timeline chronicles the events surrounding the case of Dee & Moore.

Places of interest in the Dee & Moore case

Explore all of the locations relevant to the Dee & Moore investigation.

Archival materials related to Dee & Moore

Gwin Cole’s affidavit, James Seale’s partial confession and the redacted FBI document given to Charles Edwards.

Cases, old and new: Updates and what's next for SKS

SKS host David Ridgen and Podcast Playlist's Lindsay Michael answer your questions and preview what's to come.

Season 1 Update

The investigation into the Adrien McNaughton case continues. Since the season finale, there have been meetings with police, two search dives and some discoveries.