Secret Life of Canada

Why water is worthy of the history books

Are you ready to ride waves of emotion with Secret Life's latest episode? Because there's laughter, alright, but also some tears. You've never heard Leah and Falen quite like this before.

It's time to look at Canada's natural resources with new eyes

It's time to look at Canada's natural resources with new eyes. (Photodisc Environmental Concerns/CBC Image Library)

We've been living like a water-rich nation. It's time to look at the bill.

The Secret Life of Canada team dives into the complex history of a precious natural resource, and how it was managed before Canada called the shots. 

In an episode the runs the range of emotions, Falen Johnson makes the case that water is a historic topic. Hear her and co-host Leah-Simone Bowen like you've never quite heard them before. 

What you'll hear this episode:

  • Falen and Leah jump into the history of Canada's first highways (spoiler: they weren't roads). 
  • How Indigenous trade routes laid the blueprint for the foundation of Canada.
  • How corn came to North America and why it was such an important crop. (Plus, how Leah would use it to solves Brexit. You're welcome, Theresa May.) 
  • Also: corn Vampires: real or a fake breakfast cereal?
  • The story of Oolichan and how this tiny fish may be the namesake for an American state.
  • Why don't many people who live on reserves don't have access to clean drinking water. Does Canada have a myth of abundance when it comes to it's water?
  • Environmental concerns, both current and upcoming, for Canada's water supply. 
  • What to do about it other than cry a little (but, it's okay to cry a little too). 



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