Secret Life of Canada

Jewish Montreal: A culinary history

Montreal's history as the center of Canada's Jewish community has led to a rich culinary legacy.

Smoked meat, bagels, matzah, oh my!

Montreal bagels are a staple of the city. (Melinda Dalton/CBC)

How much history is contained in a cookbook? A Treasure for My Daughter has been a staple for many Jewish women in Montreal, providing recipes but also a guide on how to be the perfect Jewish woman. But what can you learn when you read between the 'latkes'?

With guest Andrea Eidinger.

Falen Johnson. wearing an orange toque, and Andrea Eidinger, in a black puffer jacket, shop in a supermarket in Montreal.
Falen Johnson and Andrea Eidinger shop for Jewish culinary staples in Montreal. (Submitted by Falen Johnson)

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