Secret Life of Canadawith Leah-Simone Bowen and Falen Johnson


How did 'Toronto the good' become the city Canada loves to hate?

Why is Toronto the city Canada loves to hate? We try to find out in our very first live show recorded during the Hotdocs Podcast Festival.

Listen to the first season of Secret Life of Canada

Are you new to the Secret Life of Canada? Before joining CBC Podcasts, they produced several great episodes — both with Passport 2017 and independently — which are really worth a listen.

The Secret Life of Canada wants a word with your history teacher

This unconventional podcast is for "people who want to have a critical discussion about Canadian history — but not fall asleep," according to Leah-Simone Bowen and her co-host Falen Johnson.

What was the real cost of the Klondike Gold Rush?

The Secret Life of Canada takes a look into how the gold rush impacted the people and land, and what happened to the area when the rush was over.

Meet Private Buckam Singh, one of the first Sikh soldiers to serve Canada

Pte. Buckam Singh is recognized as the first Sikh man to enlist with the Canadian army during the First World War.

Just in time for Halloween, hear Canada's creepiest obscure ghost stories

The Secret Life of Canada goes ghost hunting in their first ever Halloween episode. Co-hosts Falen Johnson and Leah-Simone Bowen are on a mission to discover some of the country's lesser-known hauntings.

Remembering Percy Roy Lickers: An Indigenous soldier who died on the battlefield in WW I

Falen Johnson is guest hosting Unreserved this week, the show is all about contributions made by Indigenous veterans. Johnson recently learned her great uncle, Percy Roy Lickers, died in battle in WW I.

Meet Chow Dong Hoy — a photographer who humanized everyone

The Secret Life of Canada shouts out C.D. Hoy: a businessman, father of 12 and extraordinary photographer who was almost forgotten.

Why some folks feel weird about Hudson's Bay blankets

To kick off the second season of The Secret Life of Canada, co-hosts Falen Johnson and Leah-Simone Bowen dive into the contentious history of an iconic blanket.

These Canadian history nerds surpassed Oprah and This American Life with their podcast

Take a look inside the secret life of The Secret Life of Canada, a new podcast that aims to share more honest stories of our country's history.

Meet Eleanor Collins — Canada's first lady of jazz

Eleanor Collins' trajectory as a singer and entertainer defied the odds. Before the Nat King Cole TV show aired in the U.S., Collins became Canada's first woman, and North America's first person of colour, to have their own nationally broadcast television show.

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