How young is too young for a cellphone?

Isabelle worries her 13-year-old son is too young for a cellphone, but Martine argues it's inevitable for young people to get a mobile device — the key is moderation.
Isabelle worries her 13-year-old is too young for a cellphone, while Martine argues moderation is key. (CBC )

It's the question virtually all parents get at one point or another: "Mom, Dad, can I get a cellphone?"

And while Canadian children start using mobile phones at a younger and younger age, there is no correct answer as to what age is the right age — or if they even need one at all.

That's the dilemma Isabelle is currently facing with her 13-year-old son. She worries he's too young for a cellphone and it will distract him from school work and other activities.

Martine, on the other hand, argues cellphones have become just another part of everyday life for most teenagers and that moderation is a lesson parents can pass on.

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