Seat at the Table

Chuck Hughes on his culinary world tour

Is there such a thing as Canadian food? Celebrity chef Chuck Hughes ate his way across the country to find out. Chuck also takes us on a culinary world tour and dishes on his favourite eateries across Canada.
Chuck Hughes in Jordan's Wadi Rum valley as part of 'Le Monde Selon Chuck,' a new TV show that has him on a culinary world tour. (Chuck Hughes/Instagram)

Chuck Hughes has eaten his way across Canada and 13 other countries in the last year alone.

The celebrity chef behind Montreal's Garde-Manger and Le Bremner feasted on prime Acadian sturgeon caviar and dug into freshly caught sea urchin on Victoria Island with friend and fellow chef Danny Smiles for Chuck and Danny's Road Trip earlier this year. 

And just weeks after welcoming a second child, he headed on an eye-opening culinary world tour that spanned four continents for Le Monde Selon Chuck

Along the way, Hughes learned to appreciate the everyday struggle so many people face to put food on the table.

"I used to cook in my box for the longest time, not even seeing what's going on around me, but just cooking, being super involved and like 'Oh, table two says there's too much salt? Well it's the end of the world and I gotta rectify!'"

"But when you travel the world and you see what's going on in food elsewhere, it's like... we forget that we need to eat to survive."

Hughes tells Martine and Isabelle what his cross-country road trip taught him about Canadian food, why he hates avocado toast and other food trends, and why we have to go backwards to move forward in the food industry.

Hughes also dishes on his favourite eateries across Canada from Vancouver to St. John's.

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