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The Bomb Breaker

Pierre-Paul Geoffroy and Bob Côté were at opposite ends of the busiest period of FLQ bombing activity. It began in May 1968, and ended in February 1969 with the explosion at the Montreal Stock Exchange. Geoffroy was planting the bombs, Côté had to defuse them. For both men, the period took a toll.

The cop and the robber: How a botched 1964 heist foreshadowed the October Crisis

François Schirm was the Quebec nationalist behind a 1964 robbery of a Montreal gun shop that left two people dead. While less well known than the events of October 1970, the botched heist mirrored the polarizing tactics of the FLQ and entangled the fates of two men whose children are still grappling with its painful legacy.

'Recall: How to Start a Revolution' podcast explores the October Crisis, 50 years later

Host Geoff Turner discusses the new podcast, Recall: How to Start a Revolution, and explores the modern-day relevance of the October Crisis.

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A deep dive into the October Crisis. By October 1970, there were soldiers in the streets, communities on edge, kidnapping and terror in the headlines. And those frightening weeks were just the crescendo of a wave of terror and violence that was nearly a decade in the making.

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