Radio One summer 2020 schedule: What you can expect to hear

Starting June 29, tune in to Radio One to hear a mix of brand new programs and beloved classics.

Schedule includes a return of Wiretap and Vinyl Cafe, radio series exploring climate change

Have a safe summer and enjoy Radio One's seasonal programming. (Ben Shannon/CBC)

Summer is here, which means special seasonal programming on the airwaves of Radio One.

Starting June 29, tune in to hear a mix of new and classic programs, including a new radio series called What on Earth, a return of Wiretap and Vinyl Cafe, and inaugural radio runs of CBC's top original podcasts.

Wiretap returns to CBC Radio on June 29 with a selection of episodes from the show's 11-year catalog. Tune in every Monday until September at 7:30 p.m. to join Jonathan Goldstein, his friends and family on unique storytelling journeys, from a scientist who documents the final words of parrots to what it's like to date Lois Lane after she's broken up with Superman. 

Wiretap is also newly available as a podcast to stream on your favorite platform. 

The late Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe returns to the airwaves on July 5. Hear the classic stories and misadventures of Dave, the owner of the world's smallest record store, on CBC Radio on Sundays at noon (12:30 NL). You will also be able to catch up on all your favorite Dave and Morley stories on CBC Listen

Journalist, writer and broadcaster Stuart McLean is seen in this undated photo. (Mike Dembeck)

Whether you feel scared, excluded, curious, or overwhelmed with news about climate change, CBC Radio's new summer show What On Earth is there to have these discussions. Join host Laura Lynch on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. (11 a.m. NL) as she explores your experiences, grapples with the challenges and examines the potential solutions.

Starting July 6, catch a mini-series from the team behind Podcast Playlist, CBC Podcast Showcase. Host Nana aba Duncan takes you into another world of audio every Monday at 11:30 a.m., bringing you award-winning original content from CBC Podcasts

Podcasts on the radio 

Speaking of podcasts: In case you missed any of the excellent programming from CBC Podcasts over the past year, fear not — you can catch up on many of them over the next two months! 

There are lots of ways to start a family as an LGBTQ+ person, and not all of them are well understood. (Louise Reimer)

The Inappropriate Questions podcast will shed light on some uncomfortable discussions on Tuesdays at 11:30 a.m. (12 p.m. NL), starting June 30.  Hosts Elena Hudgins Lyle and Harvinder Wadhwa discuss the questions you shouldn't ask — like "Why don't you have kids?" and "Why do/don't you wear a headscarf?" — with guests who get asked them.

Longtime CBC journalist Anna Maria Tremonti returns to the airwaves with her podcast, More with Anna Maria Tremonti, on Sunday mornings at 11 (11:30 in NL). The podcast takes you deep into conversation — and to some unexpected places — with high-profile guests and rising stars, including Margaret Atwood, Vivek Shraya, and David Suzuki. 

Anna Maria Tremonti gives you a taste of More, a new podcast that will take you inside the lives and minds of people you think you know — from Catherine O’Hara to Vivek Shraya to David Suzuki. Conversations for curious minds. 1:44

Investigations from CBC Podcasts' true crime series, Uncover, will air on The Current this summer. Seasons featured on the current affairs program include Uncover: Sharmini, which investigates the disappearance and suspicious death of 15-year-old Sharmini Anandavel; Uncover: Satanic Panic, which explores how fears of Satanism overtook a Saskatchewan town; and Uncover: Dead Wrong, the latest season of the investigative podcast, which focuses on the wrongful conviction case of Glen Assoun

The Current will also lend some of its airtime to Unlocking Bryson's Brain, a CBC Podcasts series that tells the story of Bryson Williams-McArthur, and his parents' struggle to identify the rare genetic disorder that leaves him unable to walk or talk.

To learn more about the Radio One broadcast schedule in summer of 2020, look out for the weekly program guide on the Schedules section at the top of the CBC Radio homepage.