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What were the most important science stories of the year?

From universe shifting breakthroughs to altering our genetic code, 2016 was a big year.
The top science stories of 2016. (CBC News)

Despite Oxford Dictionaries proclaiming the word of the year was "post-truth," 2016 was still an exciting year for science. Scientific American editor Andrea Gawrylewski brings us her top five stories of the year. She edited Scientific American Magazine's special edition on the hottest stories of the year. 

CBC Stories:

Number five: The advances made this year with the powerful new gene-editing tool, CRISPR/Cas9. 

Number four: The intriguing possibility that we're living inside a Matrix-like computer simulation. 

Number three: The science-technology story that is driverless cars.

Number two: The quick mobilization of scientists to better understand the threat of the Zika virus.

The top story of the year: The international effort to record gravitational waves that occur when two black holes collide. 

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