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Web/Podcast only - Smart-E-pants for bed sores

Bed sores are a dangerous problem for the infirm, and these garments may help prevent them

Smart underwear prevents pressure ulcers

Smart-E-Pants (University of Alberta)
We've all heard of bedsores, and the problems they cause for hospital patients, but did you know they cost the Canadian health care system an estimated 3.3-billion dollars a year? More than a quarter of all Canadians in healthcare settings will develop pressure ulcers, the scientific name for bed sores. And they can be deadly. In fact, Superman himself – the actor Christopher Reeve - died in 2004 from complications that arose due to infections from pressure ulcers.

Scientists from Alberta might have come up with a solution. They've created new smart underwear - cleverly named "Smart-E-Pants" - to prevent this problem in the first place. 

Dr. Sean Dukelow is one of the team members that came up with these Smart-E-pants. He's an associate professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Calgary.

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