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Tricorder screening device

A Canadian team is developing a Star Trek-inspired hand-held medical scanner

A hand-held diagnostic medical scanner

The Vitality Tricorder system, the Cloud DX entry in the Tricorder XPRIZE contest (Cloud DX)
It's hard to think about the future of medicine without conjuring up a mental image of Star Trek's tricorder. That's the wand-like, hand-held device Dr. McCoy would use to scan a patient, in order to diagnose what's wrong. It was pure science fiction, of course.. But as we're learning, science fiction is fast becoming reality. 

In fact, there is currently a ten-million-dollar global competition going on, to come up with a real-life version of the Tricorder. It's called the Qualcomm Tricorder X-PRIZE, and seven teams from around the world have made the short-list. The deadline for this X-Prize is early next year. And one of the seven finalists is a Canadian team.

Dr. Sonny Kohli is the leader of the Canadian team, Cloud D-X. He's also an Attending Physician at Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital in Oakville, Ontario, as well as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton.

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