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Breathalyser for cancer detection

Breath analysis tool could detect breast and lung cancer, and more.

An early screening device can take your breath away

Breath trap captures sample for analysis (Gary Meek)

When it comes to screening for most diseases, the goal is generally early and accurate detection. Sounds simple, but with current methods, that's easier said than done. For instance, with many cancers, such as lung cancer, or disorders like Parkinson's disease, often by the time a patient shows symptoms, it can be too late to do anything about it. 

But in the future of medicine, the key to early screening for cancer, diabetes, and even Parkinson's, could be just a breath away.

Dr. Charlene Bayer is an Emeritus Principal Research Scientist from the Georgia Tech Research Institute in Atlanta, who's developed a breathalyzer to detect diseases. She is also the Chief Science Officer and Chairman of Hygieia Sciences, a company she formed to commercialize her breath analysis research.

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