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Anti-bleeding gel

Blood-blocking gel could replace traditional Bandaid to stop bleeding inside and outside the body

A gel material that can close any wound, internal or external

Syringe filled with blood-binding gel
Stopping the bleeding when you get cut is a serious problem - whether it's a small paper cut that bleeds through several Band-Aids, or more serious internal bleeding from surgery. So, finding an alternative to the Band-Aid or gauze has been a goal for many biomedical researchers.

Well, now one of those researchers has developed a gel that he claims can close up any wound, inside or outside the body, in ten seconds flat.

5 years ago, Joe Landolina was a first-year student at New York University, when he discovered a material that he immediately saw a lot of promise in. Now, he's the CEO of the biotech company Suneris, in Brooklyn, New York, where he's developing that anti-bleeding gel - that he calls the Band-Aid of the future.

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