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Future research on HMS Terror

Exploring the secrets of HMS Terror and the future of Franklin Expedition research
The HMS Terror on July, 14 1837 (Engraving by George Back)

The wreck of HMS Terror - one of the doomed Franklin expedition's two lost ships - was located on the bottom of Terror Bay, Nunavut, earlier this month. HMS Terror and British Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin's flagship HMS Erebus were lost in 1848, three years into the expedition to find the Northwest Passage through the Arctic. Erebus was found two years ago. Dr. Robert Park is a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Waterloo, and an assistant to the Heritage Ministry for the Government of Nunavut in the search and discovery of both Terror and Erebus.  He hopes that the pristine condition of the wreck - especially possible written documents on board - will provide important clues to solving the mystery of what happened to the expedition, including the story of the 129 crew who perished.             

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