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Future Arctic

Canadian science writer Ed Struzik looks at the future of Canada's north.
From rising sea levels to more extreme weather events, from ocean acidification to melting glaciers, the signs of climate change are all around us – and hard to ignore.

But nowhere is that more true than in the Arctic. The climate in the North is warming twice as fast as anywhere else in the world, and the impact is more widespread and more visible. The sea ice is melting, the glaciers are receding, the permafrost is thawing, and storms are picking up speed. The changes are already having an effect on people, wildlife and ecosystems throughout the region. And in many ways, the Arctic might serve as a warning sign for the changes to come on the rest of the planet.

But for Canadian author and journalist Ed Struzik, the changes also represent an opportunity – an opportunity to make the right decisions about how to manage those changes, in a way that benefits the people and protects the environment. Ed Struzik has outlined his ideas in a new book, called, Future Arctic – Field Notes From a World on the Edge.

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