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How do cell phone towers affect birds that nest on them?

Some research suggests that birds nesting in cellphone towers producer fewer and smaller chicks, while birds in flight may experience navigational problems.
Birds nesting on cell phone towers or on power lines produce fewer chicks (Bodow )

Dr. Amy Newman an Assistant Professor in Integrative Biology at The University of Guelph says there is some evidence to suggest that birds nesting in cellphone towers and around power lines experience negative effects, though the research is controversial. Some, but not all, research has found that some birds nesting in such places raise fewer chicks. Another area of concern is for birds that use the Earth's geomagnetic field for navigation. Cellphone towers can interfere with this and some birds have been observed becoming disoriented and flying erratically around them. It is an area that requires more study especially as what has been called "electro-smog" increases, and urban areas become larger, increasing interactions with wildlife.