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Humans vs robots in space: We need both

To explore space, we need robots to do the early reconnaissance and primary science
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A child's question about climate change

Young people's voices make a difference because the future is theirs
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New computer model explains faltering jet stream

New model incorporates ozone layer to explain weakening of the jet stream
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Neuroethicists warn of extraordinary claims from 'neurowearables'

The claims of manufacturers are often ahead of the neuroscience
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Kissing Kuiper belt objects produce a planetesimal

Ultima Thule's two lobes came together in a gentle collision that allowed them to stick together without breaking up
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Finding the fingerprint of human influence on climate

Scientists created a global, historical 'drought atlas' showing a clear pattern of warming associated with emissions
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Ups and downs of commercial spaceflight

This year — the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing — will be a landmark year for commercial space flight
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Cost of climate change rising even faster

Arctic feedback loops are accelerating the rate of climate change — making it more expensive to fix the longer we wait.
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Old and new science keep Notre Dame standing

The iconic architecture has kept the building standing for hundreds of years, and survived this week's fire as well
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How Canadian astronomy made the black hole photo possible

Canada pioneered the radio telescope integration used in the Event Horizon Telescope
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Scientists plan to freeze ship in Arctic ice to understand melt

Disappearing ice is like a receding hairline for the planet. Canada's Arctic is going bald.
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High technology helps kids cope with autism

Augmented and virtual reality tools can help children with autism better recognize emotions and deal with phobias.
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Cobbling together planets one piece at a time

Scientists studying asteroids look at the leftovers from planetary formation
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How to improve education: move the classroom outdoors

Exposing children to nature while they learn can benefit their learning, development, and sense of environmental stewardship.
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Searching for the missing Milky Way: Canada may find it

Scientists have calculated the mass of the Milky Way galaxy, most of which is made up of dark matter.
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Canadian astronauts will face a lonely existence on the new Lunar Gateway

Canada's most visible contribution will literally be a helping hand — the Canadarm 3
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Riding the walls of the gravity well to reach the moon

The Israeli spacecraft has a long windy road ahead of it before it touches down on the moon
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Following our mechanical pets to the planets

Remembering Opportunity and the rovers that are paving our way through the solar system
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Screen time for kids is probably not a problem — except at bedtime

People who sleep well eat less, perform better athletically, and score better on tests.
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A warning about warming from the past

Climate feedback loops have amplified and prolonged past periods of climate change.
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Evidence that laws actually work to save (some) endangered species

A study confirms the U.S. Endangered Species Act does actually save species.
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The future needs the energy of new ideas

We need to fund more innovative research to solve our fossil fuel conundrum
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Terra Incognita: Continuing to explore the great unknown

Robotic spacecraft are carrying on the tradition of past explorers who ventured out over the horizon to see what's there.
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Christmas 'stars' this holiday

There's a lot to see in the night's sky this holiday.
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