This artist wants you to see art in a new way by using augmented reality

Artist Alex Mayhew's new project sees paintings from the AGO's permanent collection come alive in a new, modern context by using an app that utilizes augmented reality technology.
Alex Mayhew's Reblink project uses digital apps to change our perception of art in museums. (alexmayhew.com )

For ReBlink, now showing at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Alex Mayhew used augmented reality to reinterpret 10 paintings from the AGO's permanent collection. He believes that by using tools like our phones that distract us from connecting with art in museums and galleries, we can actually deepen our engagement with art.

When they attend ReBlink, visitors to the AGO use an app to see paintings from the gallery's permanent collection come alive in a new, modern context. In one instance, side-by-side portraits of a married couple transform when one of them gets up and walks to the other frame for an embrace.

Reblink is at the Art Gallery of Ontario until December 3. (alexmayhew.com)

In another, three young boys who were playing together in the countryside end up at opposite ends of their 3D world, mesmerized by their smartphones.

ReBlink bridges the gap between our modern-day, tech-fueled reality, and those classic paintings. The exhibition runs through Dec. 3.

— Produced by Cora Nijhawan