Leah Kudel on the art and high-stakes drama of glass-blowing

The Edmonton-based glass artist is a contestant on a new Netflix series called Blown Away. She tells q guest host Laurie Brown why she hopes the series will help change the way people see her art.
Leah Kudel was selected as a competitor for Blown Away, a competitive glass-blowing series streaming now on Netflix. (Blown Away/Netflix)

Step aside, chefs, bachelors and wannabe pop stars, there's a new competition show in town and it's all about the high-stakes drama of glass-blowing. A new Netflix series called Blown Away follows 10 glass-blowers as they compete for $60,000, which includes a prestigious residency at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York.

In each episode, the artists face off in a timed challenge based on a different theme and present a work of glass-blown art to a panel of judges in an effort not to be eliminated.

Leah Kudel is an Edmonton-based glass artist and a contestant on Blown Away. She joined q guest host Laurie Brown from Whitehorse to tell us more about this extremely technical art and why she hopes the Netflix series will help change the way people see glass-blowing.

You can find all 10 episodes of Kudel's show Blown Away on Netflix.

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