The top 3 style trends at World Cup 2018

With the World Cup hurtling towards its dramatic conclusion, Simon Doonan joins Tom Power to explore the most popular sport in the world through the lens of style.

From 'demented' haircuts to tailored vests, why fashion is the perfect companion to football

Gareth Southgate has become a style icon thanks to his trademark waistcoat, which is considered by many to be a good luck charm for England. (Getty Images)

The 2018 World Cup is entering its final few days with the match between England and Croatia today. Soccer undeniably captures the world's attention like almost nothing else, but it's not just the game that's hard to turn away from. Fans also love taking a close look at the players: their haircuts, tattoos and even their personal style outside of the stadium.

Simon Doonan is the creative ambassador for Barneys New York and a lifelong soccer fanatic. For a long time, Doonan's two passions — soccer and fashion — didn't have a whole lot to do with each other, but now, that's all changed.

With the World Cup hurtling toward its dramatic conclusion, Doonan joins Tom Power to explore the most popular sport in the world through the lens of style. His new book called Soccer Style: The Magic and the Madness tells the story of how soccer became more stylish. 

Here are some highlights of what Doonan has to say about the trends at this year's World Cup.

Gareth Southgate, Manager of England celebrates following victory during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Quarter Final match between Sweden and England. (Getty Images)

Gareth Southgate's vest is the topic du jour

"It gives him a sharper, tidier look. But if the team had started losing then the vest would probably have been blamed, 'oh, if he'd only take off that stupid vest.' But now that the team is doing really well, the vest is the magic talisman. Apparently, tailors all over England are frantically stitching vests and they're selling out at Marks and Spencers. The vest is the topic du jour."

Brazil's forward Neymar had three hairstyles and only two goals at the 2018 World Cup. (All Getty Images)

Neymar had more hairstyles than goals

"I think it's fabulous. I mean I celebrate the culture of soccer in my book and I love the extremists and the guys that do these crazy mohawks and put colour in their hair. ... Managers, of course, are at war with these demented haircuts. And I think, if you remember, when France started playing you saw Pogba and Antoine Griezmann and they had the most sensible short hair you've ever seen on them. I think the manager probably pulled them aside and said, 'hey listen, lose the wacky haircut.'"

Nike's collection made for the Nigeria Football Federation pays homage to the country's history of soccer. ( Nike)

Nigeria's jersey is a hot streetwear item

"The idea of taking a shirt and wearing it as sort of a hip signifier of style — that's become this epidemic. ... The Nigeria shirt sold out immediately, but it's not like there's eight billion Nigerian fans in the world. There's a lot, but not that many. I think it became anointed as some style hipster thing and it's a glorious, hilarious, brilliant moment where the shirts are being integrated into people's day-to-day outfits in a way that's very much about fashion."

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