Sasha Mark sees his comedy as 'fine dining'

Six-part series Killjoy Comedy profiles a different comic each episode — starting with Sasha Mark. He tells Tom Power about his stand-up and what he hopes this show will do for voices who have been the butt of jokes in comedy clubs for too long.

The comedian is part of a TV series highlighting a new generation of queer and racialized comedians

Comedian Sasha Mark onstage
Comedian Sasha Mark onstage (Ellen Marple)

The TV series Killjoy Comedy is introducing viewers to a new generation of stand-up comedians in Canada.

The series spotlights voices of those who have historically been the butt of jokes at comedy clubs, not the tellers. The six-part documentary focuses on a different performer each episode, and comedian Sasha Mark kicks off the series.

The queer Cree-Métis comedian from Winnipeg was previously a regular panelist on APTN's The Laughing Drum, and he also hosts his own Just For Laughs Vancouver show, The Sasha Ha-Ha Show.

Unafraid to punch up to the highest offices in the land, the comedian tells Tom Power about his "fine dining" variety of comedy, and what he hopes this show will accomplish.

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